the aluminum split keyboard

Highly configurable

Manibus features an ergonomic split design and open source, customizable firmware to help you tailor your typing experience to the dot. No matter which thumb you use for the Space key or what diacritics you use, we’ve got you covered.

Designed to reduce strain

We designed the Manibus layout to reduce wrist movements to a minimum; keeping the two halves apart also gives your shoulders a break. We believe your keyboard should be tailored to your anatomy, not the other way around.

Ideal for touch typing

We separated the halves and straightened the columns—this staggered ortholinear layout helps you gain confidence in touch typing.

Fits into your workspace

Easily slide Manibus across your desk as you change your posture throughout the day or even set one half aside in those intense FPS moments.

Proudly grassroots

Manibus began as a DIY project, designed in our home office in Romania. Components are manufactured overseas, then packaged, tested,
and shipped straight from our home to yours.

Let's get technical

Split design with two active halves
Either half connects to your computer via USB-C and has thirty-one keys.
The two halves communicate through the i2c protocol using TRRS audio cables.

Unibody aluminium case for that premium feel

Weighing about 800 g (1.8 lbs) per side, the aluminium construction of the case helps it stay planted on your desk when you need it to, yet it slides effortlessly thanks to the PTFE pads on the bottom.

Supports reconfigurable layouts through QMK firmware

No default layout is suitable for everyone. You can modify each of the sixty-two keys to your own liking and then build and flash a new firmware version to each half. Instructions can be found on the official QMK Github repository.

Polycarbonate palm rests with built-in magnets

Each side uses six neodymium magnets that have plenty of force to keep the palm rests firmly attached, but just enough so you can remove them when necessary.




Blank Tehnologii is a hardware design studio in Timișoara, western Romania run by two friends with no formal training in product design. We like to surround ourselves with beautifully functional products, so why not make our own? This is our first public experiment—who knows what we’ll do next.


This group buy is the culmination of three years of independent research and development, and we couldn’t be prouder. As we further develop Manibus, we aim to create a local supply chain and remove virgin plastics from our production process.


our sustainability pledge

For any questions about our sustainability practices, please get in touch.

We’re open to any recommendations for further reducing our carbon footprint.

1% of revenue towards
carbon removal initiatives

We will redirect 1% of all revenues from our website towards carbon removal initiatives through Stripe, the payment processor we use.

We’re committed to engage in more direct action and become not only carbon neutral, but carbon positive as we scale our business.

climate neutral shipping

We pay a small additional fee for every package and our shipping partner, DHL, offsets transport related carbon emissions through the GoGreen service.


Where available, our keyboards are delivered from your local DHL hub to your door in zero emission vehicles.

SUSTAINABLE packaging,
sourced locally

We source our packaging materials from local suppliers, and our packaging is designed to be as low-waste as possible, using materials like unbleached cardboard and paper packing tape.
We think plastic-free should be the standard everywhere, and we are working towards that goal.

creating a local supply chain

We’re committed to building a local supply chain in  Romania. While technological and cost barriers have us rely on overseas manufacturing for now, we aim to begin case and switch plate production in our hometown of Timișoara in 2022.

Our long-term goal is to empower local manufacturers as they recover from the pandemic while also greatly reducing our carbon footprint.


We’re getting everything ready to launch the group buy.

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