100% carbon neutral by 2024

We don't want to be part of the problem, so we're working on estimating our carbon footprint and investing in offsets with real impact. Here's our pledge:

since 2021

Where we stand

So far, we've redirected 1% of Manibus revenues towards carbon mitigation projects through Stripe. We packed Manibus using recycled or recyclable paper and cardboard, while reusing the bubble wrap included by our suppliers. Every Manibus package was delivered using DHL's GoGreen service, which offsets shipping emissions.

We're far from perfect, though: we use carbon-intensive materials such as aluminium and have most of our components shipped from overseas. But we're trying to be better.

by 2025

Bringing the supply chain closer

We're still working towards our long-term goal of establishing a local supply chain in western Romania. Manibus Resin cases are 3D-printed in-house, greatly reducing transport-related emissions. Also, we're in the process of moving Manibus plate production from Ningbo to our hometown of Timișoara, while also exploring local PCB production capabilities.

by 2026

Cleaner materials

Apart from shipping, our Manibus cases contribute the most to our carbon footprint. As we scale Manibus production, we'll be able to invest in recycled or recyclable raw materials. We are also looking forward to upcoming innovations in the materials industry to further reduce our impact.


Offsetting our impact

We're currently researching the most promising and effective carbon offset technologies so we can make sure our contribution has real impact. While we aim to further reduce emissions throughout our supply chain, we're retroactively offsetting past emissions to become truly carbon neutral.