The Manibus Kit includes:

– Pair of PCBs with hotswap sockets

– Pair of aluminum switch plates

– Pair of anodized aluminum cases

– Magnets and screws



Polycarbonate palm rests can be purchased as an add-on.



The Manibus Kit does not include keycaps, switches, or cables. Renders and photos are setup suggestions with third party components.

Manibus Case (Silver) with PCB and plate

Manibus, explained:

why Does it exist?

The split mechanical keyboard market has been gaining more traction in recent years, but we see a lot of untapped potential. In 2018, we identified a need for a well-built aluminum split keyboard, as most options are unlikely to be consistent daily drivers due to their DIY nature.


Manibus combines great ergonomics with a clean and understated design that compliments the rest of your computer peripherals.

Who is it for?

Manibus is for those of us who spend hours on end glued to our keyboards. The split design allows for changes in posture without compromising typing speed, and the staggered ortholinear layout was designed with touch typists in mind, as all keys can be reached comfortably from the home row.


why this layout?

The two thumb keys are intentionally positioned next to the rest of the keys as opposed to having a separate, angled cluster like you’d find on most split keyboards. After years of research and prototyping, we concluded that this layout complements the natural position of your wrists, reducing strain to a minimum.


The keyboard has a total of 62 keys (58 x 1u, 2 x 1.5u, 2 x 2.25u). We chose these exact key sizes in order to accommodate more keycap sets: you can use a standard TKL keycap set (with alpha keys & modifiers) on Manibus.

Additional information

Weight 1-1.5 kg

Case: Anodized aluminum
Switch plates: Bead-blasted aluminum
Wrist rests: Frosted polycarbonate
Magnets: Neodymium


USB-C (keyboard to PC)
TRRS 3.5mm audio cable (between the two halves)


Staggered ortholinear layout
31 keys per half (62 keys total)
Keycap sizes: 58 x 1u, 2 x 1.5u, 2 x 2.25u


Cases: 144 * 140 * 23.5 mm
Plates: 133 * 124 * 1.5 mm
Wrist rests: 115 * 99 * 23.5 mm


Designed and packaged in our home office in Timișoara, Romania.
PCB manufactured in Shenzhen, China.
Case, mounting plates, and wrist rests manufactured in Ningbo, China.

See manibus in action:


April 2019
First handwired prototype

In early 2019, Alex (the Engineer) started experimenting with hand-wiring after being inspired by the Ergodox keyboard.

August 2019
First PCB prototypes

A few months later, he would receive his first PCB prototype, with an angled thumb cluster.

Fall 2019
Further design experiments

The case design slowly evolved throughout 2019 as Alex experimented with different materials. Wood was a personal favorite but proved difficult to manufacture.

December 2019
First aluminum case

Alex’s first CNC aluminum design was this monster of a sandwich case which weighed about 4 kg (9 lbs). It featured a magnetic tenting system which was satisfying to work with but wasn't feasible from a cost perspective.

May 2020
Final design

As the pandemic took hold, Alex was determined to bring Manibus to market. With new, cleaner PCBs and a refined 3D-printed case design, he was getting close.

October 2020
Blank Tehnologii SRL founded

In the summer of 2020, Alex (the Engineer) joined forces with Alex (the Marketing guy) to create a brand and turn Manibus into a globally available product.

Early 2021
Product refinements and brand building

This year, we’ve been busy creating more prototypes, each iteration bringing slight variations to the case and wrist rest design. We ran a market survey, started building our website, and became more active in the reddit and geekhack communities.

We already had a good product, so it was time to make it even better and start sharing it with the world.

October 2021
Final prototype

This fall, we received our final case and PCB prototypes, ironed out some legal details with our accountant, and set up our online store backend.

December 2021

The Manibus Group Buy is launching on December 1st and will be available worldwide! This solid aluminum build is a group buy exclusive—Manibus will only be available with an injection-molded plastic body once we start mass production.

Q2-Q3 2022
Shipment of group buy orders

Once we place the order with our manufacturing partners in China, it will take a couple of months to receive the finished components. Then we'll put everything together and ship the kits from our home office in Romania through DHL.

Injection-molded, plug-and-play version

We plan on using revenues from the group buy to begin mass production of Manibus. The mass-market version will feature an injection-molded plastic body and will include switches, keycaps, and cables—no assembly or additional parts needed!



We offer carbon-neutral shipping anywhere in the world through DHL Express GoGreen!


The group buy shipping rates are as follows:

–  Europe and Israel: €24.99 (1-2 business days)

–  UK, North America, Asia: €29.99 (1-3 business days)

–  Africa, Oceania, Central & South America: €39.99 (2-9 business days)


All domestic orders from Romania have free next-day delivery through Sameday Courier!


Refunds, returns and warranty

Group buy orders can be canceled and fully refunded while the group buy is still open. You cannot cancel your order after the group buy period.



Blank Tehnologii offers a 24-month limited warranty on the Manibus PCB. Customers also have the right to return the Manibus Kit within 14 days of delivery, but they have to cover the return shipping costs.



In case you’re unsatisfied with the Manibus Kit, just shoot us an email and we’ll work something out!